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Past Presidents of the American Risk and Insurance Association

Years Served Name Affiliation
1933 and 1934 S.S. Huebner University of Pennsylvania
1935 and 1936 Ralph H.Blanchard Columbia University
1937 and 1938 Harry J . Loman University of Pennsylvania
1939 Robert Riegel University of Buffalo
1940 and 1941 David McCahan University of Pennsylvania
1942 and 1943 Edison L. Bowers Ohio State University
1944 and 1945 Frank G. Dickinson University of Illinois
1946 and 1947 C.A. Kulp University of Pennsylvania
1948 and 1949 J. Anderson Fitzgerald University of Texas
1950 and 1951 Erwin A. Gaumnitz University of Wisconsin
1952 and 1953 C.M. Kahler University of Pennsylvania
1954 and 1955 Laurence J. Ackerman University of Connecticut
1956 Hampton H. Irwin Wayne State University
1957 Charles C. Center University of Wisconsin
1958 William T. Beadles Illinois Wesleyan University
1959 Dan M. McGill University of Pennsylvania
1960 J. Edward Hedges Indiana University
1961 Davis W. Gregg The American College
1962 John S. Bickley University of Alabama
1963 Kenneth W. Herrick Texas Christian University
1964 Kenneth Black, Jr. Georgia State University
1965 C. Arthur Williams, Jr. University of Minnesota
1965-1966 John F. Adams Georgia State University
1966-1967 John D. Long Indiana University
1967-1968 Robert I. Mehr University of Illinois
1968-1969 Mark R. Greene University of Georgia
1969-1970 Herbert S. Denenberg University of Pennsylvania
1970-1971 Harold C. Krogh University of Kansas
1971-1972 Bob A. Hedges Temple University
1972-1973 David L. Bickelhaupt Ohio State University
1973-1974* Joseph M . Belth Indiana University
1974-1975 J.D. Hammond Pennsylvania State University
1975-1976 Alfred E. Hofflander University of California-Los Angeles
1976-1977 G. William Glendenning Temple University
1977-1978 George E. Rejda University of Nebraska
1978-1979 James Athearn University of South Carolina
1979-1980 Charles P. Hall, Jr. Temple University
1980-1981 S. Travis Pritchett University of South Carolina
1981-1982 Jerry S. Rosenbloom University of Pennsylvania
1982-1983 James S. Trieschmann University of Georgia
1983-1984 Dan R. Anderson University of Wisconsin-Madison
1984-1985 Mark Dorfman Miami University
1985-1986 Robert C. Witt University of Texas
1986-1987 J. David Cummins University of Pennsylvania
1987-1988 Michael L. Murray Drake University
1988-1989 John Thornton University of North Texas
1989-1990 Jerry D. Todd St. Mary's University
1990-1991 Sandra G. Gustavson University of Georgia
1991-1992 Scott E. Harrington University of South Carolina
1992-1993 Jerry L. Jorgensen University of Calgary
1993-1994 Harold D. Skipper, Jr. Georgia State University
1994-1995 Joan Schmit University of Wisconsin-Madison
1995-1996 Norma Nielson Oregon State University
1996-1997 Bruce A. Palmer Georgia State University
1997-1998 Harris Schlesinger University of Alabama
1998-1999 Stephen P. D'Arcy University of Illinois
1999-2000 Jack M. Nelson College of Insurance
2000-2001 Helen I. Doerpinghaus University of South Carolina
2001-2002 Patrick L. Brockett University of Texas-Austin
2002-2003 Mark J. Browne University of Wisconsin-Madison
2003-2004 Robert E. Hoyt University of Georgia
2004-2005 James M. Carson Florida State University
2005-2006 Larry Cox University of Mississippi
2006-2007 James Garven Baylor University
2007-2008 Mary Weiss Temple University
2008-2009 Terri Vaughan NAIC
2009-2010 Vickie Bajtelsmit Colorado State University
2010-2011 Gene Lai Washington State University
2011-2012 David Sommer St. Mary's University
2012-2013 George Zanjani Georgia State University
2013-2014 Laureen Regan Temple University
2014-2015 Patricia Born Florida State University
2015-2016 Andreas Richter Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

*The Presidential Address historically had been delivered at the end of the term. This format changed at the 1973 meeting, where the Presidential Address was delivered at the beginning of the term.

Affiliations are during term of presidency.

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