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2012 ARIA Annual Meeting Papers/Presentations

Authors Session Paper Title
Randy E. Dumm, Charles Nyce,G. Stacy Sirmans, & Greg Smersh, 1A Automobile and Homeowners Insurance
Randy E. Dumm 1A

The Capitalization of Homeowners Insurance Premiums in House Prices

Melvin T. Stith, Jr. and Robert E. Hoyt 1A

The Demand for Automobile Insurance:
Evidence from Underserved Areas in California

Katarzyna Romaniuk 1B

Optimal Corporate Pension Policy for Defined Benefit Plans in the Presence of PBGC Insurance

Emilio Bisetti, Carlo A. Favero, Giacomo Nocera, Claudio Tebaldi 1B

The Impact of Longevity Risk on the Term Structure of
the Risk-Return Tradeoff

Youngkyun Park 1B

401(k) Plan Participant Retirement Income Security: Plan Sponsors’ Selection of
Target-Date Funds and Automatic Contribution Arrangements

Melvin T. Stith, Jr. and Robert E. Hoyt 1D The Demand for Automobile Insurance:
Evidence from Underserved Areas in California
Hua Chen and Zhiqiang Yan 1E The Winner's Curse in Insurance and Underwriting Cycles
Pamela Peterson Drake, Faith Roberts Neale, Patrick Schorno, &Elias Semaan 1F Insurance and Interconnectedness in the Financial Services Industry
David M. Pooser 2

ERM Determinants, Use, and Effects on the Firm

Cuncun Luan 2

The Impact of Reinsurance on Derivative Hedging
in the U.S. Property and Casualty Insurance Industry

Jan-Philipp Schmidt 2

Market-Consistent Valuation of Long-Term Insurance
Contracts Valuation Framework and Application to
German Private Health Insurance

Jeffrey R. Brown, Arie Kapteyn, Erzo F.P Luttmer, and Olivia S. Mitchell 2B

Do Consumers Know How to Value Annuities?
Complexity as a Barrier to Annuitization

John W. Payne, Namika Sagara, Suzanne B. Shu, Kirstin C. Appelt, and Eric J. Johnson 2B

Life Expectancy as a Constructed Belief:
Evidence of a Live-to or Die-by Framing Effect

Kevin Shaver 2B

Strategic Adverse Selection: Raising Competitor Costs in the Insurance Industry

Alessandro Previtero 2B

Driving by Looking in the Rearview Mirror: Stock
Returns and Annuitization at Older Ages

Richard Peter, Andreas Richtery, Paul Thistlez 2C

Endogenous Information and Adverse Selection under Loss

Rachel J. Huang 2C

Ambiguity and Asymmetric Information

S. Hun Seog 2E The Economics of Life Insurance Settlement
Stephen G. Fier 2E

Life Insurance Lapse Behavior

Jennifer L. Wang 2E

Using Life Settlements to Hedge the Mortality Risk of Life Insurers: An Asset-Liability Management Approach

Dr. Etti G. Baranoff 3B Implications for U.S. Health Insurers of Future Growth in the Age 65+ Population
Alexander Ellert, Martin Nelly & Petra Steinorthz 3B Consumption, Savings and Medical Prevention in the Long
Run - Impact of Health Savings Accounts
Yu Lei & Mark J. Browne 3B

Underwriting Strategy and Underwriting Cycle in the Medical Malpractice Insurance Industry

Robert D. Lieberthal 3B Financing Guaranteed Renewable Health Insurance
J. Bradley Karl & Kathleen McCullough 3C Risk Shifting In Reinsurance Markets
Beibei Zou, Sudip Singh, David Eaton 3E

Who Should Regulate Insurace: An Evaluation of Title Insurance Price Disparity in the US

Ben Woodruff 3E

A Model of Simultaneous Borrowing and Saving Under Catastrophic Risk

Alexander Kling, Jochen Ruß, and Katja Schilling 3E

Risk Analysis of Annuity Conversion Options in a Stochastic Mortality Environment

Ning Wang 3E

Dynamic Models of Catastrophic Risk Intermediation

Muhammed Altuntas Concurrent Session 4 The Effect of Internationalization on Home Market Performance: Evidence from German Insurance Groups
Martin F. Grace & J. Tyler Leverty 4B Does Politics Delay Regulatory Action?
Martin Eling & David Pankoke 4B Basis Risk, Procyclicality, and Systemic Risk in the Solvency II
Equity Risk Module
David L. Eckles& James I. Hilliard 4B Implicit Federal Backstop and Market Power in the
Insurance Industry: E ects of Government Intervention
K.P. Sapna Isotupa, Mary Kelly,Anne Kleffner

Building Resilient Supply Chains using Supply Chain and Traditional Risk Management and Insurance Techniques

Elizabeth F. Brown 5A

The Impact of the Shift Away from Defined Benefit Plans to Defined Contribution Plans in
Australia, The United Kingdom, and the United States

Georges Dionne 5B

When Can Expected Utility Handle First-order Risk Aversion?

Daniel Bauer and George Zanjani 5D

The Marginal Cost of Risk, Risk Measures,
and Capital Allocation

Liang Hong 5D

A Note on Capital Allocation by Percentile Layer

Tim Boonen, Anja De Waegenaere, and Henk Norde 6D

Intergenerational Solidarity within a closing Pension Fund

Hua Chen, Wenyen Hsu and Mary A. Weiss 6D

The Pension Option in Labor Insurance and Precautionary Savings:
Evidence from Taiwan

Katja Hanewald, Thomas Post, and Michael Sherris 6D

What is the Optimal Home Equity Release Product?

Andreas Hubener, Raimond Maurer, and Ralph Rogalla 6D

Optimal Portfolio Choice with Annuities and Life Insurance
for Retired Couples

Butch Bacani Plenary 1

Principals for Sustainable Insurance-A global sustainability framework and initiative of theUnited Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative

Jill Bisco Poster

Case vs. Bulk Reserves: An Issue of Manipulation

Andrew F. Whitman Poster

Group Long Term Care Insurance-Solutions to the Death Spiral

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