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2011 ARIA Annual Meeting Papers/Presentations

Authors Session Paper Title
Horing,Grundl 1C Risk Management's Place in an Organization. A Tradeoff between Independence and Coordination
Gupta, Prakash, Rangan 1C Governance and Shareholder Response toAppointments of a Chief Risk Officers
Altuntas, Berry-Stölzle, Hoyt 1C Dynamic Determinants of Enterprise Risk Management Adoption in the Property-Liability Insurance Industry
Liu, Jung 1C Product Market Competition and Corporate Demand for Insurance
Knoller,Kraut, Schoenmaekers 1F On the Propensity to Surrender a Variable Annuity Contract
Bauer, Moenig 1F Policyholder Exercise Behavior for Variable Annuities including
Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefits
Gao, Ulm 1F Optimal Allocation and Consumption with Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefits with Labor Income and Term Life Insurance
Huber 2A The effects of ratings on financial decision-making
Bernard, Vanduffel 2C Financial Bounds for Insurance Claims
Eckles, Halek 2D Determinants of Abnormal Reactions to Rating Downgrades: An Investigation of Insurer Ratings
Leverty, Milidonis 2D Analyst Forecasts, Executive Incentives, and Property-Liability Insurer Reserve Errors
Yao, Schmit, Sydnor 3A Advantageous or Adverse Selection in Emerging Health Insurance Markets
Shi, Zhang, Valdez 3A Testing Adverse Selection with Two-dimensional Information
Muermanny, Straka 3A Asymmetric Information in Automobile Insurance
Li, Dionne 3D The Impact of Prudence on Optimal Prevention Revisited
Franke, Schlesinger, Stapleton 3D Risk-Taking-Neutral Background Risks
Chuang, Eeckhoudt, Huang,Tzeng 3D Increase in Risk and the Optimal Effort
Christiansen, Hafen, Nell 3D Limited Liability and Rational Overinsurance:
An Analysis of Dependence Structures
Franke, Schlesinger, Stapleton 3D Risk-Taking-Neutral Background Risks
Milidonis, Stathopoulos 3F Do U.S. Insurance Firms Offer the 'Wrong' Incentives to Their Executives?
Yan 4 Testing for Moral Hazard in Reinsurance Markets
Goda, Manchester, Sojourner 4B What’s My Account Really Worth? The Effect of Lifetime
Income Disclosure on Retirement Savings
Lockwood 4B Bequest Motives and the Annuity Puzzle
Brown, Kapteyn,Mitchell 4B Framing Effects and Expected Social Security Claiming Behavior
Schl¨utter, Sebastian 4C Capital Requirements or Pricing Constraints?--An Economic Analysis of Measures for Insurance Regulation
Boyer, Nyce 4C A Marginal Cost Model of Reinsurance Attachment Points, Catastrophe Risk and Government Intervention
Garven, Hilliard 4E The Underinsurance Problem: Theory and Empirics
Garven, Hilliard 4E Overconfidence Bias and the Demand for Insurance
Stoyanova, Gruendl, Schluetter 4E Safety versus Affordability as Targets of Insurance Regulation: A Welfare Approach
Grace, Klein, Tennyson 4E Effects of Regulatory Reform in the South Carolina Auto Insurance Market
Berry-Stölzle, Weiss, Wende 5B Market Structure, Efficiency, and Performance in the European Insurance Industry
Wang 5C The Life Insurance Demand in a
Heterogeneous-Agent Life Cycle Economy
Bateman, Eckert, Geweke, Louviere, Satchell, Thorp 5C Financial competence, risk presentation and retirement portfolio preferences
Knoller 5C Multiple Reference Points and the Demand for Principal-Protected Life Annuities: An Experimental Analysis
Grace, Leverty 5F Full Information Reserve Errors and Their Relation to Auditor and Actuary Quality
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