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Kulp-Wright Book Award

2018 Kulp-Wright Book Award

The Kulp-Wright Book Award is presented annually by the American Risk and Insurance Association to the author(s) of a book considered to be the most influential one published on the subjects of risk management and insurance. The author(s) of the winning publication will be presented with an award certificate at the 2018 Annual Meeting which will be held on August 4-7 in San Francisco, CA.

The Kulp-Wright Book Award committee is reviewing publications for the 2019 award. To be eligible for the 2019 Kulp-Wright Book Award, the book must have been published in 2017. The primary contribution of the book should lie in the fields of risk management and insurance, and should appeal to a broad cross-section of persons concerned with the fields of risk management and insurance.

The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2019.
If you would like to suggest that the committee review a specific book, please send the title, author(s), and publisher information to Weili Lu at wlu@fullerton.edu.

Past Kulp-Wright Book Award winners include: 


Edward W. Frees, University of Wisconsin, Richard A. Derrig, Glenn Meyers, “Predictive Modeling Applications in Actuarial Science: Case Studies in Insurance", Published by Cambridge University Press


Moshe Milevsky, York University, “King William’s Tontine”, Published by Cambridge University Press


Olivier Le Courtois, EM Lyon Business School, Christian Walter, Fondation Maison des Sciences de I'Homme-- “Extreme Financial Risks and Asset Allocation”, Published by Imperial College Press


Professor Georges Dionne, HEC Montreal – "Handbook of Insurance"


Peter Zweifel, University of Zurich, Roland Eisen, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main “Insurance Economics”, Published by Springer


Gilles Beneplanc, Gras Savoye International, Jean-Charles Rochet, Toulouse School of Economics "Risk Management in Turbulent Times", Oxford University Press, 2011


Francis Diebold, University of PA, Wharton School, Neil Doherty, University of PA, Wharton School, Richard Herring, University of PA, Wharton School, “The Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable in Financial Risk Management,” Princeton University Press, 2010


Howard Kunreuther, University of PA Wharton School, Erwann Michel-Kerjan, University of PA Wharton School, Neil Doherty, University of PA Wharton School, Martin Grace, Georgia State University, Robert Klein, Georgia State University, Mark Pauly, University of PA Wharton School “At War with the Weather: Managing Large-Scale Risks in a New Era of Catastrophes” (MIT Press, 2009)8


Cass R. Sunstein, University of Chicago, Richard H. Thaler, University of Chicago, Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness, Yale University Press, 2008


Harold D. Skipper, Georgia State University, W. Jean Kwon, St. John’s University
Risk Management and Insurance: Perspectives in a Global Economy (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2007)


Pierre-Andre Chiappori, Columbia University,Christian Gollier, IDEI,Competitive Failures in Insurance Markets: Theory and Policy Implications (MIT Press, 2006)

2007  Louis Eeckhoudt, Christian Gollier, Harris Schlesinger, Economic and Financial Decisions Under Risk (Princeton University Press, 2005)

Max Bazerman, Harvard Business School

Michael Watkins, INSEAD

“Predictable Surprises: The Disasters You Should Have Seen Coming and How to Prevent Them”, 2004, Harvard Business School Press 


Robert J. Shiller, The New Financial Order: Risk in the 21st Century (2003, Princeton University Press)

Wallace H.C. Wang, Reinsurance Regulation: A Contemporary and Comparative Study (2003, Aspen Publishing/Kluwer Law International)


David Moss, When All Else Fails: Government as the Ultimate Risk Manager (Harvard University Press, 2002).

Honourable Mention - Morton Lane (editor), Alternative Risk Strategies (Risk Books, 2002).


Christian Gollier, The Economics of Risk and Time ( MIT Press, 2001)


Georges Dionne, Handbook of Insurance (Huebner International Series on Risk, Insurance and Economic Security Volume 22).


Richard J. Butler, Economics of Social Insurance and Employee Benefits .  


W. Kip Viscusi , Rational Risk Policy . (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1998) 

Dennis E. Logue and Jack S. Rader, Managing Pension Plans: A Comprehensive Guide to  Improving Plan Performance . 1998.


Mark V. Pauly, Health Benefits at Work .


Peter L. Bernstein, Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk (New York:  John Wiley & Sons), 1996.  


Jean Lemaire, Bonus-Malus Systems in Automobile Insurance (Huebner International Series on Risk, Insurance and Economic Security)


Mark Rahdert.  Covering Accident Costs: Insurance, Liability, and Tort Reforms            

Joel Weissman and Arnold Epstein.   Falling Through the Safety Net: Insurance Status and Access to Health Care


Thomas O. McGarity and Sidney Shapiro Workers at Risk: The Failed Promise of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Joseph Newhouse.  Free for All? Lessons from RAND Health Insurance Experiment


W. Kip Viscusi.  Fatal Tradeoffs: Public and Private Responsibility for Risk

David G. Smith.   Paying for Medicare: The Politics of Reform


Arthur Williams, Jr.  An International Comparison of Workers' Compensation

W. Kip Viscusi.  Reforming Products Liability


Michael Moore, W. Kip Viscusi.  Compensation Mechanisms for Job Risks: Wages, Workers' Compensation, and Product Liability

Robert Friedland.  Facing the Costs of Long-Term Care. 


Banks McDowell.  Deregulation & Competition in the Insurance Industry          

Robert M. Ball and Thomas N. Bethell.  Because We're All in This Together: The Case for a   National Long Term Care Insurance Policy


Kenneth J. Meier, The Political Economy of Regulation:  The Case of Insurance . (Albany: State University of New York Press), 1988.

Kenneth Huggins.  Operations of Life and Health Insurance Companies


Jean Lemaire.   Automobile Insurance: Actuarial Models

Patricia M. Danzon.  Medical Malpractice:  Theory, Evidence and Public Policy


Robert C. Hogg, Stuart A. Klugman.  Loss Distribution

Gary S. Fields, Olivia S. Mitchell.  Retirement, Pensions and Social Security


I.B. Hossack, J.H. Pollard and B. Zehnwirth.  Introductory Statistics with Applications in General Insurance

Viviana A. Rotman Zelizer.  Morals & Markets--The Development of Life Insurance in the United States


Teivo Pentikainen and Jukka Rantala, eds.  Solvency of Insurer and Equalization Reserves,  Volumes I & II.  (Helsinki:  Insurance Publishing Company Ltd.)  1982.  

Klaus Gerathewohl.  Reinsurance Principles & Practice, Volumes I & II


Timothy M. Peterson.  Loss Reserving Property/Casualty Insurance

Thomas G. McGuire.  Financing Psychotherapy: Costs, Effects and Public Policy


Peter S. Barth and H. Allan Hunt , Workers' Compensation and Work-Related Illnesses and Diseases

Alan D. Wolfson and Carolyn J. Tuohy.  Opting Out of Medicare: Private Medical Markets in Ontario


Martha Derthick .  Policy Making for Social Security

Howard E. Winkelvoss and Dan McGill.  Public Pension Plans:  Standards of Design, Funding and Reporting.


Robert M. Ball.  Social Security: Today and Tomorrow

Jan Blainpain, Luc Delesie and Herman Nys.  National Health Insurance and Health Resources: The European Experience


William D. Rowe.  An Anatomy of Risk


Leonard E. Freifelder.  A Decision Theoretic Approach to Insurance Ratemaking

Avedis Donabedian.  Benefits in Medical Care Programs


Karl Borch.  The Mathematical Theory of Insurance

Robert W. Cooper .  Investment Return and Property-Liability Insurance Ratemaking


George L. Head.  Insurance to Value

John D. Long.  Ethics, Morality, and Insurance


Daniel Nelson.  Unemployment Insurance: The American Experience, 1915-1935

Douglas C. Dacy and Howard Kunreuther.  The Economics of National Disasters


Joseph M. Becker.  Guaranteed Income for the Unemployed

Joseph A. Pechman, Henry J. Aaron and Michael K. Taussig.  Social Security, Perspectives for Reform


Lawrence D. Jones.  Investment of Life Insurance Companies


Helen Hershfield Avnet and Mata Kouvari Nikias.  Insured Dental Care

Daniel M. Holland.  Private Pension Plans: Projected Growth


Robert E. Keeton and Jeffrey O'Connell.  Basic Protection for the Traffic Victim.

Joseph M. Belth.  Participating Life Insurance Sold by Stock Companies


Alfred E. Conard, James N. Morgan, Robert W. Pratt, Jr., Charles E. Voltz and Robert L. Bombaugh.  Automobile Accident Costs and Payment

Merton C. Bernstein.  The Future of Private Pensions


Morton Keller.  The Life Insurance Enterprise, 1885-1910.           

Bob A. Hedges and Robert I. Mehr.  Risk Management in the Business Enterprise


Richard A. Lester.  The Economics of Unemployment Compensation           

Duncan M. MacIntyre.  Voluntary Health Insurance and Rate Making


Herman Miles Somers and Anne Somers.  Doctors, Patients and Health Insurance


Spencer L. Kimball.  Insurance and Public Policy


William C. Greenough.  A New Approach to Retirement Income


Dorrance C. Bronson.  Concepts of Actuarial Soundness in Pension Planning


C. Arthur Kulp.  Casualty Insurance

Robert I. Mehr.  Modern Life Insurance


Dan M. McGill.  Fundamentals of Private Pensions


Carlyle Buley.  The American Life Convention


William Rodda .  Inland Marine and Transportation Insurance


Elmer W. Sawyer .  Insurance as Interstate Commerce


Alfred N. Guertin.  Writings in Connection with the "Guertin Legislation"


Malvin B. Davis.  Industrial Life Insurance

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